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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQs section

Look through this FAQ section, if you don't find an answer to your question, please email us, we will answer you right away. Here's a link to the contact page.

What happened to your demo version

The demo version was discontinued with the latest release, since it includes all the recipes from all the prior collections.

Why do I need .Net 4.0 installed

We used the latest Microsoft development platform to be ready for the upcoming operating system releases. For older operating systems (XP, Vista, and some Windows 7 versions) the .Net 4.0 framework may not be installed and may need to be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft website. Here's the link. (Opens in a new window)

I paid to download the CopyCat collection and can't get to the download page

After you login check the upper right of the page (where it lists cart and checkout information). Then look next to the icon. You should see that there is an order in your history. Click that link and you will be taken to the history page, click the receipt and you will be taken back to the download page.

I don't have any orders in my order history

If there is no order history then the payment didn't process, you should have gotten a confirmation or informational email. The system does not finish the process (and generate a receipt) unless the payment processes correctly. If you are still unsure call us and we will lookup the transaction results (have your email address / login handy).

What is in the CopyCat Collection

Click this link for a complete listing.

Where can a view the old CopyCat Commercial

Click this link to view the commercial.

Why don't you offer the CopyCat Collection in an E-Book

We see several other companies offering E-Books for thier collections, but, we wanted something easy to search, print, and add our own personal recipes.
We didnt see those features and everyone we researched had a price tag 2-3 times more than our CopyCat collection.

I have a small shop, can I purchase bulk quantities of the CopyCat Collection

Yes, contact us and we will email you a bulk price list.

I need help getting my website up and going, can you help

Yes, contact us and we can review your ideas and see if we can help.

I need network support, can you help

Yes, contact us, if you are in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area we can meet with you and review your problems in person.

Why should I use your company and not the big box companies

Personal service, personal support. It's true we are a small consulting company, but, we are big in the speed of development and service. We don't give answers out of help-desk books. We actually diagnose your problem, and fix it without wasting your time. We look at each customer relationship as a partnership.