What is flat-rate service?

Flat-rate service is a predictable way for you to manage your small business IT costs. Read below for more information and how we can help. 

In an ideal IT world...
It would be nice to have an IT professional on staff and ready when the smallest sign of a problem appears and prevent a breakdown that could render a system or server down for repair.

Unfortunately having an IT professional on staff isn't cost-effective for small companies.

For over 20 years we've been on the cutting edge...
In the past few years, new technology has allowed monitoring and preemptive workstation, server, and network breakdowns, just like having an IT professional on staff.

This modern technology provides two important features.

  1. You know IT support costs upfront and can budget accordingly.
  2. Systems are continuously monitored. Patched and updated on an ongoing basis to increase system performance and security.

Plus, we’ve partnered with hardware and software manufacturers to give you plans that are all inclusive featuring anti-virus, MS-Office, 15-minute offsite backups, and cloud storage.

Get top notch support for your company
We offer only the best resources and the best providers for your continuity of business.

Start today 
Use the contact form below, or give us a call and let us introduce ourselves and show you how flat rate service can help your business.

Best Practices

We treat your equipment as our own. We use best practices and help you get the most out of your workstations, servers and networks. 

No Up-Sell

Our service plans are all-inclusive. You select what services you need. 

Included Software

All of our plans include anti-virus and security software. We also can include MS-Office, Offsite Backup, and more. See plan details for more information.

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