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What is Managed Services


Up to this point computer consulting and IT support has been a wait for something to break, then fix it. This is known as the ‘break/fix’ model. This usually is superseded by a complete failure of a server, workstation or network failure. One side effect of this approach is you have inconsistent IT expenses, server, workstation, and network support services.
In an ideal situation, you would have me onsite every day, monitoring your server, workstations, and network. Making sure that software updates are installed, any patches are updated, making sure you're not running low on disk space on all of the machines, checking for abnormal network activity, making sure security protocols are in place. Keeping anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware updated and scanning on a weekly basis, making sure you have a technology roadmap, have backups of each machine, and maintain a live disaster recovery plan should something catastrophic happen. 

Welcome to the Future


By prepaying your IT support costs, you now have a budget of your IT expenses, after a complete review of what the ‘break/fix’ model has cost, your expenses are not increasing and you get so much more. The peace of mind of managed services of all covered equipment.
Remote monitoring software allows for monitoring of all your Servers, Workstations, and network devices; includes indications of problems, disk space, network bandwidth spikes, router, switch, and gateway monitoring for problems and security. 

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Contact us today for a no-obligation onsite review of your computer, network, and security concerns. We are enthusiastic to help.

Other Services



We have the resources for your big splash on the internet. We offer personal service, and can help you every step of the way and in every aspect. Want to do it yourself? We offer the complete do-it-yourself portal for anything internet (your own store, hosting, etc.) check the complete compliment here.

Networking and System Support


We would be happy to help you with your network or system hardware. We offer several maintenance plans and also provide emergency onsite service. Please call us for an appointment.

Custom Software Development


Have a custom software idea and are looking for development? Have an existing application and the programmer has left the scene? We can help. Call us and we'll help you out.

Security Assessment


We methodically analyze your systems and network at the highest level with our vulnerabilities scan. Highlight outbound security deviations from industry standards, check for PII and present a data breach liability report, we also provide a full review of security policies to spot anomalous activity. NEW: We’ve recently added a Dark Web report for how many records we can find for your domain – more than that – give you the five latest passwords being sold. All in a printed and bound comprehensive report.

By performing regular security assessments with Callow and Company, we help you protect your assets, guard against downtime, and sleep better at night.

Price includes 2 assessments 6 months apart, One is a baseline assessment and one is a follow up to see how security has changed since the initial assessment.

Network Assessment


Our network assessment goes way beyond just network discovery and documentation to provide real “value-added intelligence” to your IT Assessments. Our proprietary data collectors compare multiple data points to uncover hard to detect issues, measure risk, provide recommended fixes, and track remediation progress.

Price includes 2 assessments 6 months apart, One is a baseline assessment and one is a follow up to see how your network has changed since the initial assessment.

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It's difficult to put everything down in a single website paragraph, there are many, many consultants out in the world. We can't speak for them, but we pride ourselves in taking on every job as our own. We will always give you honest advice, and help you make the most affordable option. 

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