Free Network Assessment

You'll get a best-in-class IT assessment that will turn the data you provide into an actionable report ($595.00 value) 

Use this contact form so we can schedule an appointment with you. Be sure and review the section below for what to expect during our meeting and to prepare the assessment 

  1. The appointment should only take around 45 minutes. During which time, we’ll chat through your challenges and use a non-intrusive tool to scan your network for potential issues.
  2. The only thing we’ll need from you in order to conduct the scan is for a member of your team to type in the domain admin access/password credentials while we’re on-site.

    It’s important to note that in rare cases the scan can’t be run due to pre-existing IT network issues, but we can still provide helpful recommendations even if this ends up being the case.
  3. If the assessment scan is successfully completed, you can expect a follow-up meeting with us in the week that follows. At this session, we’ll deliver our findings and walk you through each part of the assessment. Let us know if you have any questions at all.

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